Honeywell recommends that RPM be reduced to 96 percent for all normal climb and cruise situations.

CK-189 Minimizes Wear and Tear on Parts –– and Wallets

Twin Commander Aircraft’s Custom Kit (CK) 189 is proving to be a money-saver for operators undergoing Service Bulletin (SB) 208 and/or SB 241 work.

CK 189 is comprised of special screws and ClickBond fasteners that are used in place of conventional rivets to attach center fuel tank liners to the aircraft structure on affected Twin Commander models. (The fuel cell liners form a protective cavity for the center fuel tank.) The liners must be removed to perform the inspections and modifications provided for in the service bulletins, and in removing and reattaching the liners rivet holes inevitably are enlarged.

CK 189 eliminates the potential damage from using larger rivets. Instead, special adhesive is used to secure ClickBond nutplates to the structure. Screws are then used to fasten the liners to the nutplates.

Authorized service centers report good experience using CK 189 components and procedures. The kit is proving to be cost-effective because it reduces the time required to remove and replace the liners, and the fasteners do not have to be replaced each time.

For more information contact an authorized Twin Commander Service Center.