Insurance Insight – NationAir Fully Vested in Twin Commander and the University


NationAir’s University presentation will look at the state of the insurance industry as it relates to Twin Commanders.

Greetings, Twin “Commanders.”

TCU is here – and we’re not talking about the Horned Frogs! Twin Commander University comes only once every two years, so from my dual viewpoints as Twin Commander Insurance Program manager and as one of Twin Commander’s most enthusiastic fans, I strongly encourage you to take advantage of all that the University offers.

Your Twin Commander Insurance program team will be on site the entire time to answer questions about insurance, overall risk management, and all things Twin Commander. This includes me, my copilot – NationAir Twin Commander Account Executive Maia Vogt, and XL Aerospace Twin Commander Program underwriter Chuck Koehler.

And while those of us in northern climates can find plenty of good reasons to visit Scottsdale in April, there are far more reasons to attend Twin Commander University than enjoying a few days of sun and warmth. Twin Commander University brings together owners, operators, service centers, manufacturers, and ancillary service providers, all under one roof, to gather, exchange insights and expertise, and share the common bond of Twin Commander. It’s not just the best place to gather these disparate groups and exchange information, it’s the ONLY place.

For NationAir, Twin Commander U represents the best opportunity to meet with you and learn more about your concerns and your risk management needs. It also gives us a chance to share the knowledge that we’ve accumulated over the years.

We not only will be exhibiting and attending TCU, but also presenting a seminar to discuss the health of the fleet, the state of the aviation insurance industry as it relates to Twin Commander, and how Twin Commander compares to its contemporaries. As part of our program we give an overview of all aspects that affect you and your Twin Commander’s insurability.

Once again, NationAir is serving as a TCU Gold Sponsor, as we have long been fully vested in all things Twin Commander. Look for us throughout the event.

Fly safe, Commanders, and see you in Scottsdale!

Dale Barnard is NationAir Aviation Insurance’s Twin Commander Program Manager. You can contact him at; telephone 360-635-8008.