A Commander 1000 fitted with a Garmin 1000 panel and S-TEC IntelliFlight 2100 Digital Flight Control System has completed more than 25 hours of test flying, and is in the final stages of development. The Garmin 1000 Commander will be on display at the Twin Commander University April 25-27 in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The Garmin 1000-equipped Commander was unveiled at the NBAA Annual Meeting & Convention in Orlando last fall by Eagle Creek Aviation Services. Eagle Creek refurbished the 1000 and engineered the installation of the Garmin 1000 and IntelliFlight 2100 DFCS package, and is spearheading development and certification of the conversion.

Eagle Creek is partnering with Twin Commander Aircraft to market the conversion for turboprop Twin Commander models from the 690A through the 695B. Plans call for the aircraft to tour the country, with stops at all authorized service centers.

Response to the upgrade at NBAA was “great,” said Eagle Creek President Matt Hagans. “We have numerous clients ready to go on the conversion,” Hagans added. “We expect to finalize pricing in the next 30 days, and still are on target for supplemental type certification in the second quarter of 2013.”

Once certified, the Commander G1000 conversion will be available for purchase and installation from Eagle Creek’s Indianapolis facility, it’s

Florida facility, Naples Jet Center, as well as other authorized Twin Commander Service Centers.

The new all-electronic G1000 panel will integrate all primary flight, navigation, communication, terrain, traffic, weather, and engine instrumentation systems (EIS) on a large 12.4-inch multifunction display (MFD) and two 10.4-inch primary flight displays (PFDs). Because it is the first Garmin 1000 retrofit to incorporate Honeywell TPE331 engine instrumentation, it also will be adaptable to other Honeywell TPE331-powered aircraft.

The package includes the new Garmin GWX 70 digital weather radar and synthetic vision, and Garmin’s new GRA5500 radar altimeter, among other features. New software and sensors for the 2100 DFCS will enable RVSM certification for 690C/D and 695/A/B model Twin Commanders, which have higher certified service ceilings.

All existing annunciators for aircraft systems and equipment, including optional equipment, are replaced by the G1000 Crew Advisory System displayed on the MFD. Eagle Creek has selected vendors for all of the new G1000 sensors including fuel flow, oil temperature, and oil pressure.

The STC will require that operators successfully complete differences training that will be provided by Eagle Creek and licensed installers.

For more information about the Commander G1000 conversion contact Twin Commander Aircraft or Eagle Creek Aviation Services.