Insurance Insight – Becoming Fluent in the Language of Twin Commanders

It’s always enjoyable to visit with Twin Commander owners, and the recent NBAA 2012 convention was no exception. I was impressed with the dedication of Twin Commander diehards to make it to Orlando even with superstorm Sandy pounding the Eastern Seaboard.

We’ve spent a lot of time discussing why the right insurance program is vital for your Twin Commander’s protection. The next logical discussion is how to maximize the performance of your Twin Commander’s insurance policy. While we hope you never experience a loss with your aircraft, it literally pays to be prepared. That is why the Twin Commander Program has started to work more closely with Twin Commander Service Centers, including regular on-site visits to strengthen our relationships with them. When we work with authorized service centers, we know that everyone will be fluent in the all-important language of Twin Commanders.

By being part of the claims process with the Twin Commander Service Centers, we ensure that the claim will be resolved as quickly and smoothly as possible by expediting the filing. We assist our clients by making sure they understand what paperwork and documentation the adjusters require. We also prevent delays by keeping a bird’s-eye view of the claim.

NationAir is your advocate in this process. We connect you with quality service centers and ensure timely and complete claim filing. We also work to eliminate delays, expedite payments to the service center, and oversee the entire claim process in an effort to return your Twin Commander to service as quickly as possible.

This concept is a win/win for everyone. Twin Commander owners win because they are being serviced by an approved TC center. The service center wins because we ensure that they receive timely information and payments, and the insurer wins because costly delays are eliminated, and, most importantly, clients are satisfied with the claims service.

In short, everyone wins when everyone speaks Twin Commander.

For a list of approved Twin Commander Service Centers, see below, or find a listing at

Fly Safe, Commanders!

Dale Barnard is NationAir Aviation Insurance’s Twin Commander Program Manager. You can contact him at; telephone 360-635-8008.