Summer Special On Replacement Windshield

See and be seen is the fundamental technique for avoiding collisions, and the ability to see and steer clear of conflicting traffic depends primarily on having a clear and clean windshield free of crazing, scratches, and delamination bubbling. How does your windshield measure up?

If you can’t answer the question with a strong thumbs up, maybe it’s time to consider a replacement windshield, and Twin Commander Aircraft may have the motivation you need to do just that. It’s a summer special on new windshields — a $5,500 instant rebate off the retail price. The special promotion is for Twin Commander windshield parts numbers 360043-13SS and 360043-14SS.


Eligibility for the instant rebate requires a logbook entry showing installation of the windshield(s) within 30 days of a July or August 2014 order date. The purchaser must complete a Windshield Rebate form verifying acceptance of rebate terms. The form is available from and returned to the service center where the windshield was purchased.

As stated in the factory warranty, windshields are warrantied for two years from date of manufacture or 18 months from install, providing the windshield was installed 30 days from date of purchase from Twin Commander Aircraft.

As an additional protection, new windshields installed by a Twin Commander Factory Authorized Service Center are eligible for a pro rata warranty for up to 36 months.

Don’t miss out on this excellent rebate opportunity. See your way to a Twin Commander Service Center for more information.