Twin Commander Aircraft is offering a special discount off the list price for Custom Kit (CK) 183 to convert a Sundstrand Air Cycle Machine system to an Enviro bleed air system. CK 183 is applicable to all serial-number 690Cs, and Ds, and all 695s, 695As, and 695Bs. If you fly a 690C or 695 that has had CK 141 installed, you can upgrade to CK 183 for even better airflow at a fraction of the cost of the complete CK 183 install. The special discount applies to CK 183 kits ordered before the end of the year. Plus, take an additional 10 percent off all parts required to complete the modification that isn’t already included in the CK183 kit. Kits are in stock and available for immediate shipment.

It gets better: if you purchase an Air Comm Corporation (Keith Products) vapor cycle air conditioning system or R12 to R134a upgrade before the end of the year and have it installed by one of our authorized service centers, you can receive an exclusive ACC discount of 10%. Inquire about current production lead times when placing your order.

For more information, contact an authorized Twin Commander Service Center. For a list of authorized Twin Commander Service Centers, visit http://twincommander.com/serviceCenters.html.