FLEET FACTS: Improved Twin Commander Insurance Program – New Name, New Benefits

Greetings, Commanders!

In preparation for sunny Savannah, there is plenty new under the sun for the Twin Commander Insurance Program. You might think you can’t teach an old insurance dog new tricks, but there’s a lot to sink your canines into – and it’s all good.

First, I’d like to re-introduce ourselves as Gallagher Aviation. NationAir recently merged with Arthur J. Gallagher and Co., one of the world’s largest insurance brokerage and risk management firms, to combine our rich traditions of knowledge, service and dedication. In addition to its name, Gallagher brings an unbeatable combination of services, expertise, and a global market presence that benefits the Twin Commander community. While we’re now flying Gallagher’s flag, you’ll still have the same NationAir Twin Commander experts, including yours truly as well as star Account Executive Jamie Zigler, still at your service.

We’re excited to roll out the new aviation insurance program with XL insurance, available only through Gallagher Aviation. Owners now have the choice of two Twin Commander Plans: the Dash Five and Dash 10.

Both Dash 5 and Dash 10 are offered as either 12- or 24-month rate guarantees, subject to no losses. Dash 5, the lower-cost option, caters to new pilots and individual owners who are looking for a more basic plan, while Dash 10 is tailored to fleet, corporate, or experienced pilots requiring higher limits.

Just as you depend upon your Dash 5 and Dash 10 powerplants to transport you safely to your destination, the Dash 5 and Dash 10 insurance programs ensure that you are protected throughout the journey.

For more details and program specifics, contact me at dbarnard@ajg.com or 360-635-8008. In the meantime, fly safe, Commanders!

Dale Barnard is the Twin Commander Insurance Program Manager for Gallagher Aviation.