New Rebuild Kits for Landing Gear Actuators

TCA Actuator cylindersTired of having the main landing gear actuators on your Twin Commander resealed to stop annoying leaks?

Twin Commander Aircraft now offers a complete rebuild kit for the main landing gear actuators, and auxiliary actuators. The kits solve the problem of finding scarce replacement actuators in need of overhaul.

Kits are offered for left and right main gear actuators and the auxiliary actuator in both red and Skydol versions depending on the hydraulic fluid used.

The kits include the following components:

  • Nameplate
  • Backup ring
  • Spacer
  • Body and bushing assembly
  • Nuts, including high-temp nut
  • O-rings
  • Packing backup ring
  • Piston rod
  • Head
  • Gland
  • Rod-end bearing

For more information including pricing contact your authorized Twin Commander Service Center.