SERVICE CENTER PROFILE: When Flying to Europe in Your Twin Commander, AIRplus in Germany is at Your Service

AIRplus hangarTwin Commander Aircraft’s worldwide authorized service center network includes an experienced Twin Commander shop in southern Germany. AIRplus GmbH is based at the Friedrichshafen Flughafen (airport) on the banks of scenic Lake Constance in Friedrichshafen.

Founded some 20 years ago as a small avionics repair shop, AIRplus has grown steadily—it is the only full-service maintenance provider in the region—and now employs 45 people, including formally trained, experienced Twin Commander technicians.

AIRplus G600_Commander

AIRplus was founded some 20 years ago as a small avionics repair shop.

Today AIRplus offers a full range of services—maintenance, inspections, sheet metal and structural repair, major and minor mechanical modifications, avionics upgrades, interior refurbishment, dynamic propeller balancing, and parts distribution for Twin Commanders. AIRplus also is a Honeywell-authorized service center.

Recent Commander projects have included Garmin G600 and GTN750/650 installations, an SB 214 spar replacement, rebuilding two vertical stabilizers, and with the help of National Flight technicians who flew to Germany to assist, a slipper tank installation.

AIRplus regularly services Twin Commanders based in Germany, Belgium, and the United Kingdom that operate their aircraft on aerial survey missions—two are equipped with camera ports; for executive transportation; and for personal use. Business is steady, reports Maintenance Planner Dennis Boehnke.

AIRplus regularly services Twin Commanders based in Germany, Belgium and the U.K.

The company also has a satellite facility in Fensterwalder in eastern Germany between Dresden and Berlin that can handle Twin Commander work. A piston-powered Twin Commander is based at the field.