Where In the World Will the Next University Convene?

With the next Twin Commander University a year away, it’s time to start thinking about where it should be held. As was the case for the very successful 2015 university in Savannah, Georgia, Twin Commander Aircraft is asking you to help out in the selection process.

The first step is identifying a region in the United States where you would like to see the University “campus” established. Then we’ll propose various venues in the region from which to select. Eventually we’ll narrow the choice to two or three locations from which a final selection will be made.

From the following list of regions, please select your first and second choice

Link to survey:
or go to What’s New on website. We’ll report the results in the next newsletter, and ask you for your favorite destinations within that region.

1. Northeast
2. Mid-Atlantic
3. Southeast
4. Southwest
5. Central U.S.
6. North-Central
7. Northwest
8. West-Central
9. Southwest