Personalize Your Commander Seat Belts

Aircraft restraints—seat belts—typically don’t get much consideration when it comes to adding style and presentation to your aircraft interior. Aircraft Belts, Inc. is out to change that perception.

A sister company to Twin Commander Aircraft, Aircraft Belts manufactures and sells aircraft restraint systems. The company is offering replacement passenger restraint systems that feature an engraved lift lever lid featuring a stylized depiction of the unique Twin Commander head-on or profile view. The additional fee for engraving and polishing the aluminum lift lever lid is $175 per restraint, above and beyond the standard per-passenger restraint price of $111.

If the restraints in your Twin Commander are looking a bit worn, or are a mismatch with your interior colors, Call Brian Harbaugh of Twin Commander Aircraft at 919-956-4385, or email him at He will refer you to Aircraft Belts, Inc. for a quote on a stylish and distinctive set of new restraints.