Honeywell Rated Tops in Engine Support

Photo: Doug Turner

Aviation International News (AIN) magazine reported in its 2009 Product Support Survey on aircraft engines that Honeywell scored top honors in the category of turboprop and turboshaft engine manufacturer support of operators. Honeywell, of course, supports the TPE331 engines that power all Twin Commander turboprop models.

“Among turboprops and turboshafts, Honeywell’s TPE331 topped every single category in its resounding overall victory, the second consecutive year it has achieved this notable distinction,” the magazine said in its report in the October 2009 issue. “All comments on TPE331 reliability were enthusiastically positive,” AIN report noted.

Survey results are based on responses to an online survey conceived by AIN that asked respondents to rate, on a scale from 1 (inadequate) to10 (excellent), the service and support they receive from manufacturer support operations and factory-authorized independent service centers. The magazine invited 14,948 readers to complete the survey, and 12 percent responded. Engine manufacturers included in the turboprop/turboshaft category and the order in which AIN readers ranked them in the survey were Honeywell, Pratt & Whitney Canada, Rolls-Royce, and Turbomeca.

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