By Dale Barnard

Dale BarnardMaia Vogt

No other aircraft matches a Twin Commander for its ease of operation, its versatility, dependability, and performance. That’s why taking care of them and the people who operate them is so vital.

I’d like to introduce myself and re-introduce the Twin Commander insurance program before discussing an issue vital to TC owners and operators—transition and recurrent training.

About the program: Administered by NationAir Aviation Insurance, it offers preferred rates and expanded coverage for all Twin Commanders, be they owner-flown, commercially operated, or corporate aircraft. It is underwritten by one of the world’s largest, A-rated insurers and covers owners and operators in the United States, Mexico, and throughout the Western Hemisphere. Superior customer service and responsive claims handling from in-house aviation experts. We are active supporters of all things Twin Commander including Twin Commander University, owners, operators, service and sales centers, mentors and training facilities.

For decades, NationAir flew its own Twin Commander. We know this aircraft like no one else in the business. We’re renewing our commitment to Twin Commander with a rededication to this iconic aircraft and the people who fly them.

About me: I’ve spent 27 years in the aviation insurance industry. I’m an EAA Flight Leader, a warbird buff, and I’ve managed historic aircraft restorations for the Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum in Cleveland. I’m a former officer in the U.S. Marine Corps, an Oregon State University graduate, a resident of the Pacific Northwest, and an avid hunter, fisherman, and water and snow skier.

I am a huge fan of the Twin Commander, from its Garrett engines to its ability to transport passengers at 300 knots in pressurized comfort for a fraction of the cost of a larger fanjet. Commanders are so agile you can parallel park them like your car.

I’d also like to introduce Maia Vogt, NationAir’s Twin Commander Program Account Executive. She flies an LMD (large mahogany desk) five days a week from our West Chicago, Illinois, headquarters. With an ample underwriting resume, Maia provides skilled, experienced account support including renewal and quotation services. You will find her professional, thorough, and responsive—the consummate TC advocate, capable of addressing almost any day-to-day issue or question you may have.

On to the important stuff—quality transition and recurrent training. It’s vital for Twin Commander operators to maximize the utility of their aircraft by safely operating throughout the flight envelope. Better transition and recurrent training means a safer, more confident, proficient pilot. This means you will use the aircraft more often, which is why you purchased it in the first place. You owe it to yourself, and your passengers, to maintain peak proficiency by setting your personal standards high and maintaining those standards.

When you are seeking transition or recurrent training, consider two things:

  1. Simulator training, whether initial or recurrent, is the minimum standard.
  2. In-plane mentoring should be a positive learning experience, not a prison sentence dictated by an insurer unfamiliar with the TC platform.

Years ago, my commercial flight instructor told me that “If you want to be a professional you better be professional in all aspects of your operations—air, ground, radio, maintenance, training, and record keeping.” The end result is a pro-caliber pilot who has ADM/CRM procedures and practices consistent with a professional single-pilot operator.

Flying gives you freedom of movement without security lines or traffic jams—carpe diem. I say, “Carpe Commander”—seize the day in a great aircraft. Just make sure you’ve had the proper training to do it right, and protect yourself and your aviation asset with our Twin Commander preferred program.

For more information on the Twin Commander Preferred Insurance program visit To discuss insurance, transition training, or all things Twin Commander, contact me at or 360-635-8008.

Dale Barnard is the Twin Commander Insurance Program Manager for NationAir Aviation Insurance.

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